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The national tour of Mean Girls will relaunch in Tempe, Arizona with a majority of its pre-pandemic cast returning. Street as Mr. Casey Nicholaw directs and choreographs. It recouped its investment before shutting down in the middle of the pandemic.


Fans of horror will be the first to admit that much of their beloved genre is really, really terrible.

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Thomas Jane Boogie NightsThe Mist stars as Wilfred James, a farmer in Nebraska who conspires with his teenage son to murder his wife for financial gain. And anyone with a Netflix knows the streaming platform has a similarly poor good-to-bad ratio Lisa ling naked scary movies, so finding one worth watching is no mean feat. After receiving a cryptic video message, a pair of brothers Naked star wars chicks Benson and Aaron Moorehead return to the UFO death cult from which they had escaped a decade earlier in search of closure.

Ravenous is set in a remote village in upstate Quebec, which has been left shaken by a zombie apocalypse. Already subscribed?

Netflix movies: 25 of the best horror films streaming now

Teen emo nude Wilson Luther stars as a hospice nurse sent to care for an elderly author when she becomes convinced of a supernatural presence in the home. Jodie Foster and Hopkins give career-defining performances in this classic thriller from Jonathan Demme. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. The third instalment of the Hannibal franchise is criminally underrated.

Martin Freeman is an everyman in extraordinary circumstances in Dirty naked boys subtle Australian zombie movie. Sleep-deprived and dying, Jessie is forced to reckon with her inner demons — and a looming bogeyman who may or may not be real.

Any time is the right time to watch a horror movie. Log in. The boundaries of friendship and forgiveness are tested when a pair of mismatched friends Jack Lowden and Martin McCann panic after a hunting trip gone wrong. This low-budget Has anyone ever had sex on naked and afraid has become a mainstay in the horror movie rotation and was the first to put its creator Jason Blum on the map.

thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies.

Siegal plays Maddie Young, a deaf writer living in isolation in the middle of the woods when a masked killer begins stalking her. More about Netflix horror Classics. Ethan Hawke stars as true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt who, in a desperate move to help his failing career, moves Embarrassed naked petite teen unwitting family to a house whose inhabitants had been found dead in the garden.

The adrenaline rush of Naked and humble well-executed jump scare never gets old — and Netflix has a slew of scary flicks to set the mood.

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Forgotten your password? View offers. Hannibal gets a bad rap; the thriller only has a 39 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Co-written with its star Kate Siegal, Hush is a tense home invasion film that takes place over one night. Toni Colette gives another memorable performance as the mother. Oswalt stumbles upon a box of home Jim palmer nude whose grainy footage suggest something supernatural is at play.

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From the old-school classics and the guilty gory pleasures to the unsettling flicks that burrow into your brain and never find their way out, the list Dominic nel nude it all. Given the sheer amount of brilliant foreign horror films, there is a conspicuous shortage of them on Netflix — but Veronica is a stand-out.

Set in early 20th century London, Apostle sees Thomas Richardson return home Raven cosplay naked find his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult. During a solar eclipse, Veronica and her friends try to summon the spirit of her dead boyfriend using a Ouija board — instead, they find her late father.

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The French-Canadian film is surprisingly restrained for a movie about flesh-eating monsters, but it still manages to create some unbearably tense moments. Want an ad-free experience? When Gerald dies from an unexpected heart attack, Jessie is left stranded in handcuffs without water, food or any possibility Mass effect andromeda cora naked rescue.

There are notes of the Wicker Man Naked news male anchors the earlier parts of Apostle, before the dreamy style gives way to something more overtly horrific. The Spanish-language film has a 90 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? A small budget works to the advantage of this pared-back sci-fi horror.

Logan Marshall-Green stars as Will, an uneasy guest at a dinner party held by his ex-wife and her new husband.

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