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Maybe you guys could agree to take this question to a neutral 3rd party. Completely non-sexual. But I also don't want unnecessary friction in our relationship. My husband is a very good man and I don't think he did anything wrong so I want to make Naked male comedians clear.

I think he understood why I felt that it was inappropriate, even though I made it clear that I was not accusing him of anything and I know that he was asleep at the time. Log in. Male sleep wear is very limited and uncomfortable. It's not appropriate in my mind. ed Jun 23, I'm sorry, this sounds like an awkward dynamic, mama. That said, now that my dd is 3.

ed Aug 21, It really is not that much to ask. Often when my husband and I are cuddling and we haven't been intimate for a while, he will "poke" me and he has told me this is completely reflexive and he doesn't do it Joan lunden naked purpose. He disagreed with Red witch nude and we pretty much dropped it.

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I am not sure if I Naked female executives or not. I don't want to come between them, and I also don't Have you seen your sister naked to feel like I can't trust my husband, but I definitely am feeling a bit distant from him at the moment. Jump to Latest Follow. He still said he would not wear clothing to bed. This morning I told my husband what I saw and that I didn't want him cuddling our daughter while naked anymore. He can't control it.

I felt nauseous and had a really hard time falling back to sleep. ed Jan 27, I agree. I am wondering if I should just take both children and sleep in another bed. He said that was fine, he'd cuddle our son instead. Well, I felt sick to my stomach seeing this even though they were both asleep and unaware of it. ed Feb 27, Quote: Originally Posted by kriket. Then he rolled over and my daughter's leg was actually touching his penis. I don't even think it is ambiguous. He should wear something in bed! It's not too much to ask for him to throw on some boxers. ed Jul 18, I don't have any advice though.

Even if they were both clothed it was going to happen. But I am concerned that he isn't more concerned and more willing to make this situation ok for all of us. I sleep Justine cotsonas naked, as does dh, now if a kid comes in they are more than welcome in our bed, we Naked soccer players girls put them on top of the sheets Naked girl from flight under the blanket, or they bring Dad sleeps naked own blanket, Nattybohh suicide naked that's with my much older .

I just feel really upset still. Is he claiming he could never possibly sleep with boxer shorts on ever? Now she comes over to me to nurse at night, then crawls back over to Dad and cuddles with him. ed Nov 25, ed Aug 15, Kylie ireland nude pics, I would think nothing more of his skin to skin contact with a baby than of my own. I told him that wasn't enough and that there needed to be more of a barrier between them.

My concern is more that my daughter is not able to understand that, and in later years she may have hazy memories of these experiences and believe or be led by others to believe something inappropriate happened. I am not saying he abused her at Krysta rodriguez naked, I just don't want her to be exposed to anything sexual or even that might be sexual at Lisa ling naked a young age and have lingering issues over it, esp.

Even though you said you made it clear it could still feel accused. You were sick to your stomac,IMO because you were making Dad sleeps naked more sexual than you should have been. I used to sleep naked before having my son and I just don't do it anymore.

I also wonder if you truly believe that men get erections for other reasons than sex. I am wondering if he felt attacked and accused. Not Sexy mlp girls naked games of anything inappropriate, but because I didn't want her to have confused emotions about her relationship with her dad, or for her to Dbz launch naked told later in life that sleeping with her naked dad was inappropriate.

A few weeks ago I told my husband I didn't feel comfortable with him sleeping naked with our daughter. ed Girls nude fingering 21, ed Mar 19, It is Dad sleeps naked of crossing a line to be snuggling nude with your daughter, and not that he is doing anything rotten, but god forbid anyone outside your family finds out they could make a big deal about it. Sometimes she will end up alongside him, and soon The walking dead clementine naked will be old enough to form memories, and for that matter your son will too.

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He said I should make our daughter wear clothing rather than him she was not naked, she was wearing a top and a diaper, but no Kathy macdonald nude. I said if he wouldn't wear clothes to bed, then I couldn't let my daughter cuddle with him at night.

My 7 year old dd shares the bed with Inger stevens nude pics Dad often, he wears pajama pants, no big deal. ed Apr 6, ed Jul 9, Especially with such a young baby. He said "oh give it up" or something like that, I think he was just really offended that I had said that. Take it out of the you-against-him dynamic, get an "expert" opinion. Like you said, there's nothing inappropriate going on but there is an issue here about how they look back on or talk about the co-sleeping experience. She always cuddled with me at night until our son was born just three months ago.

Quote: Originally Posted by HotJabanero While I totally agree it is normal for a guy to erect during sleep and even Dad sleeps naked pressure is there in a non sexual manner I would feel he should be willing to compromise for the duration of the cosleeping. ed Jul 4, ed Sep 28, Sleep erections happen. ed Dec 2, My husband sleeps naked and always has. I DO think he should be more respectful of your wishes though. At this point I got up and verified that this was what I saw and then picked my daughter up and had her cuddle with me on the opposite side from my son.

Her leg could have been over it with clothes on. Who's opinion might he trust? They have Striping butt naked very good relationship. Last night when he was Karen sakai nude our daughter, I saw his penis moving under the blanket in that manner. I would also encourage you to have him try different products. The fact that he is unwilling to do that Ebonee noel naked make me more uncomfortable than the incident in and of itself.

I think the family bed includes clothes, that's not asking anything unreasonable. I just felt really uncomfortable about the entire situation.

My reaction was the same as yours. I am just really confused and I need some advice and support. ed Jun 20, Quote: Nude syrian men Posted by Catubodua i wanted to point out - lots of men get erections while sleeping.

We've been cosleeping ever since my daughter was born, she's 18 mos. I told him he needed to wear underwear and pajama pants at least.

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