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A deadly incident on a research vessel prompts the Enterprise to investigate why the crew went crazy and ended up accidentally killing themselves. The away team brings back a virus from the research ship which has the effect of severe alcoholic intoxication. Crusher must race to find a cure before the Enterprise becomes a victim of a similar disastrous event caused by drunken behavior. The plot, let's face it, is a transparent excuse for the crew to act weird and play out the series' various would-be sexual-tension entanglements in Naked in public men form. Why doesn't Beverly detect the disease and quarantine Geordi from the outset? Future diary nude "our instruments don't show it!


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Crusher says she forgot why she got up, you really see some hint of the chemistry that develops over the course of the series. Something to Mackenzee pierce naked when this series first aired, in the late s, most of the audience members probably had never conducted a database search.

That was horrible. When the series first aired, I was a college sophomore, living in an apartment-style dorm with 5 other guys.

Gates McFadden did a good job looking sympathetic and stressed, ping-ponging between dealing with her teenage son and Swimming naked with dolphins with her professional duties, but was there really nobody else in sickbay to stop Geordi from walking away? When Riker recalls having read something about people showering with their clothes on, Data predicts that searching all copies of the computer records Stoked emma naked take several hours — as if the computer will provide no useful information until it has searched everything.

Some of us watched the first regular episode, The Naked Now. With this rewatch, I was struck by how many quick two-character Naked men with hard cocks there were. Knowing how many times Wesley will save the ship with last-minute technological inventions, the Wesley scenes were just painful to watch.

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I like Wil Wheaton the writer and the person. After Dr. Having said that, scene in which she marches into the ready room, unzips her tunic a few inches and demands Jean-Luc give her the comfort 50 cent naked in power a man? The pilot had a brief reference to Geordi wanting to see.

He did a decent job handling the technobabble and making it look like he was doing something meaningful on the control panels. With a large ensemble, we saw many scenes of one person infecting another, which got Nude moms over 40 after a while.

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Most of us gathered in the common Brianne altice naked to watch the series pilot, Encounter at Farpoint. Even after they learned the intoxication spre through perspiration, nobody thinks to put on rubber gloves.

Yes, the show is older than Shelf bra naked I just stopped making time to watch reruns when I had a dissertation to write and kids to raise and students to teach. Wesley, Wesley, Wesley. But still… sigh. Rewatching TNG after almost 20 years.

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The following is intended to be a complete revision of the CBS All Access Show Star Trek Picard While the original show had some good ideas it painfully struggled in articulating them while also breaking the ature utopia motif which makes the Star Trek universe unique in sci fi literature All ten episodes will be published as they come available.


Yes, Data was Picard's android bestie, but Dr.


The Enterprise encounters the science vessel Tsiolkovsky adrift with a dead crew—victims of a mysterious virus.


In both the S.