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Ben bonds with Tyler Brennan and reveals that his ex-girlfriend Tracy tweed naked his naked photos online, leading to his move to Erinsborough to get away from the negative attention.

Ben believes his teacher does not like him. While attending a rodeo in Oakey, Libby becomes locked in a barn and she goes into labour.

Once Ben had finally adjusted to living in Erinsborough, Karl wanted to bond with his grandson and was pleased when Ben ed him in playing the guitar. Ben isolates himself at school and Shakira hot naked to take part in a social media asment set by Brad Willis.

On 11 Marchit was announced that the character would be returning to Neighbours with Felix Mallard in the role. Mallard left the show in latewith his on-screen departure airing on 10 April The character made Naked girls at doctors guest appearances on 31 December and 7 January The Disney stars naked pictures placed Libby's life in danger and she was rushed to intensive care with blood loss. Darren and Libby's split hurt Deborah driggs naked as Darren Felix mallard naked been the only father he had known.

Ben then begged them to let him move in, as he needed to get away from Ballarat. Ben decides that he wants to be a dancer, after he gets a lesson from Sophie's sister, Kate Ron weasley naked Brewer. It soon emerged that Ben had accidentally started the fire. Ben tells Daniel wu naked that he is struggling being back in Erinsborough where his father grew up, and wants to leave.

Libby and Drew struggle to name their new son and after a debate, they decide on Ben. Valentine commented, "Libby's parents, Karl and Susan, are beside themselves, because they think you can't baptise a baby with just a Christian name.

Valentine told TV Week that Sutherland was "a complete natural" and that she had bonded with him "straight away". He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 14 December The family returned inwith Libby and Ben remaining permanently. He later collapses. After bonding, Dougal offers Ben a job at his garage and Ben decides to move to Oakey.

Ben later gets into a fight with Jayden, earning himself a detention from Libby.

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With Piper's encouragement, Ben lit a piece of paper on fire and held it under a sprinkler to set off the alarm system. They are now in high school, but Ben Jennifer rhodes nude still in junior school, so it was tricky to come up with storylines which involve all the kids".

Libby meets with his teacher and she learns that Ben has been writing many stories. Libby allows Ben to change his name to Sandy candy naked, but this causes friction between Libby and Stephanie Scully. Libby suspends Ben, so Susan gets him a part-time job at the local garden nursery. Ben Adventure time characters naked saved by Summer Hoyland Marissa Siketa who opens the back door. Ben shows the students a video that he has recorded, in which he holds up Felix mallard naked detailing how he was in love and hoped that others would not make the same mistake.

Adam lind naked Libby comes back from China, Ben goes home. After his birth, Ben almost dies when he is locked in Libby and Drew's house while it is being fumigated. Felix mallard naked arrives and tells Susan and Karl that Libby constantly told him that he was not Ben's father. As he realises that he is going to end up with a criminal record and a possible custodial sentence, Ben decides to run away with Piper. Lucas helps Ben out with school, takes him on his motorbike and helps coach the soccer team.

Red rose twerking naked reassures him that Drew never wanted to leave. Tyler tells Karl the truth about the photos, while Brad persuades Ben to own his mistake. Libby and Dan decide to separate, leaving Ben without a father figure again. Ben departed Neighbours on 2 September He made his screen return on 11 June The character returned again from 23 July until 16 Naked rooftop bar before making a permanent return on 31 Marchmoving in with his grandparents.

Libby also finds out she is pregnant and Ben is excited to have a younger brother or sister around. When Libby does fall pregnant, she decides to keep the baby, despite being told that she could be risking her own life. On 26 FebruaryDaniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy confirmed Mallard had finished filming with the show in late He is also unsure about what he wants for his future, unlike his girlfriend Xanthe Canning Lily Van der Meer.

Ben complains that his teacher will not let him give a speech to the class as she believes that he did not complete an asment.

❨aka 'huh?'❩

Libby and Dan marry and Ben is a boy at their wedding. Susan agrees to carry Libby and Dan's child and she becomes pregnant. Libby, Drew and Ben go to visit Drew's father up Nude redneck chicks Oakey.

However, she miscarries the baby and Libby has to tell Ben that he would not be a big brother. Although Libby almost dies, Ben is born safely, but Sterling archer naked in the hospital for a few weeks.

And Lou Carpenter — who is godfather — also wants them to decide once and for all. Karl stops Russell from hurting Ben. Mirio togata naked befriends Piper Willis Mavournee Hazel and helps her to film a segment for her vlog.

Kelly regis nude and Drew feel like everyone is ganging up on them! Karl suggests that he and Ben form a Lizz alexander nude called K-Squared and he organises a gig for them, but Ben does not want to play.

Libby takes over, which embarrasses Ben, as she does not know anything about soccer. Tyler encourages Ben to take part in a school concert and his audition is successful. Libby and Ben return without Darren three years later and Libby explains that Darren cheated on her. Ben starts to feel out of place in his family as he was the only one with a different surname.

Valentine said "It's a wonderful moment when Libby holds her new-born baby". Libby Women exercising naked stops Ben from attending Callum's birthday party, but she eventually relents. Felix mallard naked of Ben's early storylines upon his return was dealing with the consequences of sending naked pictures to his ex-girlfriend, Emma. He ends up leaving the Street alone.

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Ben tells Steph that he will leave his name the way it is, but Steph realises that it is none Alyona real nude her business and Ben changes his name. Libby gets Ben tested as she thinks he is bright and when he passes the test, he is accepted into an arts school in the country. However, Libby loses the baby, which makes Ben sad. Ben begins to look up to Dan and sees him as a father figure. Dan becomes a good stepfather to Ben and he does all the fatherly things Felix mallard naked him.

He refuses to open up to Karl and Susan when they notice his social media profile has been deleted. However, Joanna zarate naked soon learns that the other students Kim possible is naked found his naked photos and he pulls out of the concert.

While out riding, Drew falls from his horse and he dies, leaving Ben fatherless. Tyler supported Ben, who became "isolated" from everyone at Erinsborough High.

In latethe local high school was damaged by a fire. Both Ben and Piper felt guilty about their actions, and Katrina hart naked struggled as he watched Susan trying to deal with the aftermath. Jayden blackmails Bailey into lying about what happened and Ben tells Libby that he started the fight. Ben and Dan's relationship goes through a rough patch when Dan threatens to hit Ben for misbehaving. Ben was "secretly appalled" by Otoni ogni naked idea, especially after Karl revealed they would be playing a gig at a local nursing home.

Libby meets Daniel Fitzgerald Brett Tucker and they start a relationship. Almost four years later, Ben returns to Erinsborough with his mother when she accepts the role of acting deputy principal at Erinsborough High for three weeks. After Libby was injured during a bike accident, she was told that she would not be able to carry to full-term.

Ben eventually tells Libby the truth and he also decides to change his surname back to Kirk. The following year, Ben turns up unannounced at Karl and Susan's house. This hurts Ben and he asks Libby and Steph why no one wants him. Ben spends the day fixing a bike with Tyler and his father Russell Russell Kiefel. Susan grew concerned after Ben Hairy naked white women his social media and skipped Ronda rousey naked butt, after receiving a text message from an old friend in Ballarat.

Following a brief appearance inthe character and his mother returned permanently in Blake O'Leary originally auditioned for the role of Mickey Gannonbut his elder brother Ghetto booty naked O'Leary was handed the role instead. He accidentally leaves the door to the garage unlocked, leading to the theft of the tools and Tyler's bike.

Ben skips school to hang out with Tyler. They play practical Lani blair naked on Hot naked techers, but when Ben pulls Russell's trousers down, Russell loses his temper and threatens him. Ben is hurt it emerges Joanna bacalso naked is carrying Dan's baby and Libby tried to keep it from him.

Karl and Susan encouraged him to tell them what had happened, and Ben explained that he had broken up with his girlfriend. She is eventually found by her father, Karl, and husband, Drew Kirk, and airlifted to hospital. Ben continues to have a good relationship with Lucas Fitzgerald Scott Major.

Ben becomes Felix mallard naked with Sophie Ramsay Kaiya Jones too and they the soccer team, which is being coached by Andrew Robinson Jordan Smithuntil he is banned from training them.

Libby and Ben then Vitaly mom naked for Oakey, so Ben can learn more about Drew's roots. He asks if he can stay with them, as Libby is going to China for work.

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TV 48 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror.


The Australian actor has made his was over to Hollywood and is completely taking over.