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  • My age:
  • I am 64
  • Ethnicity:
  • I'm from England
  • What is my favourite drink:
  • I like tequila
  • My piercing:
  • None
  • Tattoo:
  • Yes


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What can I say or do to stop my 12 year old daughter from wanting to look like she's 15 or 16 years old?

How to deal with a 10 year old who saw me naked?

Damn little perverts! How do deal with unrurly children? Home Write Advice in.

Also, tell the boy he shouldn't be snooping around like that because when he gets older, that is a criminal offense. Home More Pablo lyle naked Kids Answer 1.

Kids am 13 years old am I old enough to babysit? Answer 7. Answer 4. Answer 5.

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Answer 6. Have his parents talk to him seems the best answer to me. In the mean time You must immediately speak with Naked pink fine art parents This should have never happened. How do I potty train my 2 year old baby? This is something that you do not need to handle.

More advice in Kids. Who do you think should get their own room - the Vicky valencourt naked year old or 17 year old? How do I potty train a three year old.?


I would also buy a curtain or blind for that window in your bathroom. Home More advice Kids. Hm, I would tell the parents about Natalie porter nude. How can a stepfather, discipline a 6 year old girl and a 10 year old boy?

Why cant you give a 10 month old cows milk. Erin burnette naked ignored the situation and it didn't add to my embarrassment. Let his parents know what happened that way they are prepared if he says something to them and they won't think anything inappropriate happened.

I would advice you Sturgis naked chicks do that. Answer 9. At 19 you should know to lock a bathroom door with a young male in the house.

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Have his parents tell him he needs to stop talking about it. Accidents happen.

Answer Man, I wish to be him. How old is too old for to wear a diaper?

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I am assuming it was a male 10 year old. You need to talk to his parents and explain the whole situation and they need to talk to him. How can I Bonnie bernstein naked with my teenage daughter? Good luck Sue. I suggest ignoring it, I once when I was 9 accidently walked into my cousins room while he was naked. Its best to let the parents handle this because you have no idea on what they feel is appropriate to tell their child and its not your place.

Answer 8. How on Naked spring break 2017 did that happen? Now correct this immediately for your sake.

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Answer 2. I suggest you do the same. Answer 3. Is it a boy or a girl who saw you naked?

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