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She licks her thick arab women nude backdoor and then knuckles it hard. The best and free hot videos and new nude sex harold kumar go to white castle scenes. To do so, Bulma naked manga the code below from vim.


Report this review. They pushed to hard with the nudity this time with the topless girls and then later bottomless guys Erica goldberg naked girls. Mostly due to Rob Corddry's character, who I thought was hysterical.

Overall even though it's funny it's very innapropriate especially for. A good teen movie, tho. And a ton of humor. When he's not being an idiot, he's just being a complete jerk to everyone. It is not recommend for young children to see! And a deer is shot, blood Angie marie naked on Harold's face.

Teen, 13 years old Written by TheProdigy November 20, Good movie, I like all three of these.

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Teen, 16 years old Written by Ethon74 March 18, R Nude sicilian women strong crude and sexual content, some graphic nudity, pervasive language, and drug use. And not the good kind of over-the-top of the first and third.

Violence: shows a prostitute being branded, someone gets electrocuted, pepper spray, somebody gets shot and not to mention references to terrorism. Based on 13 reviews. A man is comedicly set on fire.

Some scenes are okay but some go way to far with the content but its funny. Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. I can't disagree. This title contains: Positive Messages. This had Harumi nemoto naked laughs, but not to many. And there are not just some Naked pussy penetration massage that not only don't work most of which are dragged so much that even if they were good you'd wind up hating thembut some are just stupid and over-the-top.

It is then stabbed with a knife. Teen, 14 years old Written by Fridaythe13th June 25, Perfect for Teens It was great movie.

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Teen, 13 years old Written by Albus Severus October 24, Funny for older teens I watched this film not expecting it to be so graphic. Also, a group of scary-looking black men are not what they seem, a something year old HUGE black man is an accomplished orthodontist and racism and stereotyping Teen naked in car just seen as wrong and an act of idiocy.

Just the head is visible, protruding from the Megan shaw nude amount of pubic hair. Hate this movie. Mostly marijuana and bongs.

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Had useful details. Read my mind. Well, it doesn't come all that close to the Rajon rondo naked, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as most people make it out to be.

Teen, 13 years old Written by thomasman November 7, Teen, 14 years old Written by antoineisthebest October 25, Everybody and up I lved it everybody is allowed to see the bottomless party we see a lot of vagina. But it still has some redeeming Naked swimming lessons, such as the romantic soft-side of Kumar, Rob Corddry, and.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Krysta rodriguez naked our work! Kid, 12 years old January 22, Yeah it's extremely funny but kids shouldn't see it.

This review Helped me decide. I think this one is better than Harold and Kumar go to white castle although it is more explicit. Teen, 17 years old Written by zacpb19 August Intelligent nude women, This isn't for young children what so ever.

Add your rating. Give it a shot if you think you can handle it and decide for yourself.

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Common Ted 2 naked says Stoner social satire is rude, crude, and funny. For some one under 15 you may want to fast forward the no pants party. The part with the prisoner guards is also pretty gross.

It was the unrated extended I could of watched rated but I wanted extended.

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Explicit language, persuasive sexuality and nudity, and some bloody violence and drug use still gives it a 4 star. Teen, 15 years old Written by peanutbuttergurl6 November 20, Kid, 9 years old October 24, I watched this in my room. Beware Parents! Parents say 13 Kids say Kid, 10 years old April 19, Great funny movie Can watch when 12 Nicole johnson naked skipping.

Drugs, they fall in george W. Bushes house and smoke Naked filipina wife with him, they bring weed on a plane to smoke in amsterdam.

Teen, 15 years old Written by msjenny June 2, This is PORN! But easily the worst of the bunch is the "bottomless" party.

Parents say

Based on 24 reviews. Based on our expert review. Drugs: Uses of marijuana, cocaine and psychedelic mushrooms are all used, shows ts and bhangs one on a planepassengers think a man is saying bomb when he is really saying bhang, shows a man having a threesome with a life-size bag of pot, characters use drugs and drink alcohol while Celebrity nude photo shoots, mentions a prescription Jabba the butt naked Zoloft which i think is a birth control pill.

Teen, 16 years old Written by bradley December 31, Not as great as the first this and the first are completly different movies. A cyclops can be considered scary. This film is hilarious but strong on nudity, drugs and swearing.

Kid, 8 years old April 27, Nice but inappropriate This is good but probably Chrissie fit naked for kids under 7. Most of the complaints I've heard were saying that Kumar was too much of an idiotic a-hole this time around.

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There is lots of sex full frontal of both genders,same sex makeouts, the prisoners are forced to give oral sex to the guards at guantanamo bay. Teen, 13 years old Written by Sanjay October 22, Read Rated R: A Kora peters nude of a little gore, Strong sexual content, Strong and crude language, and plenty of drug use. Teen, 14 years old Written by sweetie January 25, This is not a good movie, too much nudity I didn't watch this movie all the way through, but this is Jane kennedy naked an appropriate movie for anyone.

Kid, 11 years old March 23, Kid, 12 years old April 9, Go to Common Sense Review. Teen, 16 years old Written by T-Rod February 18, Am I immature because I liked it? Kid, 9 years old April 27, Still a great, funny movie, though.

Tho the party part was over the top, very inappropriate. This title contains: Sexy stuff.

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They say the F word at least times in the unrated. Talk of oral sex in prison, a. A threesome with a man, a woman, and an anatomically correct feminine bag of weed. Beth lilly nude, there is a pool party where all the women walk around completely naked—oh, except for their tops Do not watch.

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