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Chris January 24, at pm Reply.

That is so not cool. Jesus appears to be cut in the photo. That is one ugly penis … No wonder W didnt use the shot.

CB January 23, at am Reply. Only a small percentage are cut or just have a short foreskin.

Too many things point to it being real. January 25, at pm Reply. She has used the gay community for Naked chicks and trucks to perpetuate her own brand and cash in. Note the inclement appearing weather in the background, so it may have been a bit chilly.

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I miss pubic hair. CB January 23, at pm Reply. Jesus was just a background model. Photoshop Detective January 22, at pm Reply. Maybe Madonna is a material girl and had him circumcised? Naked yoga austin world is for the young and fab, we should not have to look at them!!!

Madonna has been a worn out hag for about 15 years. Can any one confirm his status. If you look at Naked girls urinating and compare, he also had a treasure trail. Jesus appears to have a bare head or was instructed to retract it for the picture.

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The only difference is the angle of the shot. I swear to God, does any straight man have pubes anymore? Someone stated elsewhere her shoulders were too Jules asner naked about why her shoulders would be up higher like she is leaning on something with her hands. Dan January 25, at pm Reply. JJ January 22, at pm Reply. W Magazine is known for nude male pics.

TJ January 22, at pm Reply. Still love her haha. I Call B. You cant see his face, It would be an easy photoshop job.

His head is chopped off because the photog is focusing on Madonna, not Jesus. Carlos January 23, at am Reply. This is SO incredibly fake. Stephen What planet are you from seriously? I have a boner for her ex husband Guy Ritchie — so why…. Howie January 22, at pm Reply. Another pic, from the same photoshoot, you can see no treasure trail, so it is highly likely he was shaved for this one.

Any one know what his real status is? Now unless Jesus is a grower…. Yeah, where did madonnas neck go?! Thanks to de Cosmos for the tip. Sometimes Naked skinny girls with big boobs think the gay community has a lot going for itself.

Some, have stated that her face was photoshopped on. Stephen January 22, Jesus luz naked pm Reply. Madonna is old!!!! UGH, she looks like Emma mae nude gif a hag. Bobo January 22, at pm Reply. I suspect airbrushing, but not a cut and paste job. Anon February 1, at am Reply. Madonna isnt a hag u fag!

CB January 25, at Naked women from hawaii Reply. Check out the pics after the jump… just cover the part of the screen where Madonna appears, cause the sight of her bonerkilling glare is enough to make your penis invert itself! Eko January 23, at am Reply.

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His endowment looks about the normal size of someone who just got out of a pool. I have been fooled before, so if there is proof Sexy naked latina moms this is not real, let us have it in pictures. And oh…. I see two legs coming up toward a natural point, and the railing from the pool, no towel reflection.

[models exposed] jesus luz naked!

Jeez folks, he just got out of the pool and or sprayed, and looking in the background, the weather seems to be inclement cold? It looks natural after coming out of a cold pool. The background is the same, just a Naked men fucking girls angle. Although not certain, I believe it to be real.

JP January 22, at pm Reply. How about you guys get some class so the rest of us can stop being judged Naked housewife video the likes of you.

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TomBigbee87 January 25, at pm Reply. Snottyboy January 22, at pm Naked female pilots. Brent January 22, at pm Reply. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can we please be over Madonna?

Gray January 25, at am Reply. She and the rest of the old people should just Hillbilly women naked away. I can only fantasize what Guy is like naked. That, by the way, is aimed at: JP, matt, Stephen and all the other fags like them.

He returned to live in the uk recently.

But we can dream cant we?! Eddie February 2, at pm Reply. If you look into the reflection a bit better, you will see both legs, no towel. This picture is definitely FAKE.

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Where she met her new boy toy Jesus Luz?