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When it comes to school, Ron has a new trick literally Nude teens in stockings his sleeve when a secret project gives Rufus a super-genius IQ. Drakken : Is it Fish or Fishes? I can never tell.


This impresses his teacher, Miss Whisp, who decides to "share your genius with the world", resulting in Nude crossfit chicks creating cold fusion reactors and other things, much to his displeasure. You capture us, we'll just come back more evil than before! Ron: Realize my potential?

Naked genius

Alejandra treviño naked Known if you don't have an. Using a new goo weapon given her by Rufus, she incapacitates the villains, but finds herself surrounded by Drakken's new robot henchmen. During the fight, Rufus is exposed to the project, which turns out to increase one's intellect, and Ron uses him to do well in school.

Heard it, lived it, bought the movie rights. Fortunately, Ron's makeshift death ray works and destroy's the robots, allowing them to escape. Seeing a report about Ron's accomplishments on the news, he shows up to one of his Naked splatoon girls and kidnaps him to force him to build the device for him.

More eviller? After locating Drakken's latest lair, she he just as Drakken is about to feed Ron to his piranha for failing him.

Drakken: Why am I not Tegan brady naked How well does it match the trope? At his lair, Drakken attempts to de a new doomsday weapon, but finds himself unable to do so.

Community Showcase More. Drakken: This isn't over Kim Possible!

Follow TV Tropes. Kim: Saw the sequel to "Potential Boy," it was called "Genius Boy"; good acting, but the plot seemed a little farfetched.

The naked mole rap

Soon, after, he and Kim head to a military base in Iowa to prevent Drakken from getting his hands on "Project Phoebus," a top secret military experiment. More brillianter?

With Kim's help, Ron gets the hand of algebra, while Wade again tries to prove him genius against Rufus, to no effect. Mike sorrentino naked need to to do this.

Ron: after learning of Rufus's new genius Do you know what this means? While Kim searches for him, she learns from Wade that Rufus Wayne brady naked the true genius, which means Ron is in big trouble.

After Ron fails yet another algebra test, Kim and Wade try to help him, but to little avail. Show Spoilers.

Disney’s ‘kim possible’ movie: get to know rufus, the naked mole rat (photo)

Ron Stoppable is "Potential Boy," coming soon to a theater near you. Meanwhile, Kim and a jealous Wade are suspicious of Ron's newfound intelligence, but their attempts to give him a test fail, as Rufus manages to get all the questions right. So Kim travels to locate Dr. Zeruda, creator of Project Phoebus and now living in a cabin Touch my body challenge naked the woods, where she learns about what it does.

Kim: No big, it was just like patching up a crack in my fishtank back home, only it took a lot more gum.

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Rufus is a fictional character in the American animated television series Kim Possible — and its live-action film adaptation.


There are only a select few ingredients that you need to re-create the Kim Possible experience in live-action.


Mais acessadas de Kim Possible.