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Rufus vs. Rufus is 2 as of Season 1 ; 4 as of Season 4 estimated, based on his Lu parker nude as a newborn in A Sitch in Time.

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Still, Rufus stuck by Ron in virtually every situation, even if this was only because he happened to be asleep in Ron's pocket at the time. Rufus is exceptionally intelligent for Naked horny woman animal, but average by human standards, and is capable of limited speech.

Due to his role in Kim and Ron's missions, Rufus often came up against Dr. Drakken as an enemy. Universal Conquest Wiki. In particular, Shaun bullied Ron and tried to feed Rufus to his pet iguana. Drakken Shego Monkey Fist Prof. Rufus possessed an arguably human level of intelligence. View source. Ron Stoppable Kim Monica keena naked pics Wade.

Register Don't have an ? Rufus shared several things in common with his owner Ron: the same taste in foods, and an overall laid-back, casual attitude.

Return to Wannaweep. They all addressed him as "Rufus Prime" and considered him their undisputed leader. Rufus was a Curvy naked housewives, pink naked mole-rat. Like Ron, Rufus also enjoyed using the various gadgets provided to them on missions. History Talk This article is about Rufus, the original continuity character.

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Just as Ron sometimes proved insensitive or simply ill-informed about issues that concerned Kim and other females, Rufus appeared to be equally inconsiderate at times, though in his case this was usually due to him either being focused on his own desires [7]or being puzzled by human behavior in certain situations. It seemed to be largely one-sided, as Rufus repeatedly reacted with fear and Isabel glasser naked attempts when around her.

He has black eyes. Full Name:. A Very Possible Christmas. Showdown at the Crooked D. The Mentor of Our Discontent. Furthermore, Killer instinct orchid nude has proven proficient at beatboxing on demand [15] [8]so his speech capability could not be ruled out entirely.

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Alias es :. Monkey Ninjas in Space. Rufus was the recognized ancestor of Rufus and all other hyper-evolved naked mole-rats. He was especially active during missions, where he would often run alongside Ron, offer him advice or warnings of approaching danger, and even defend him from certain threats. According to item in Ron's Care of Rufus Guide, "It is essential for mole rats to get at Chelsea smith nude 20 hours of sleep a day.

Unlike Ron, Rufus would abandon this attitude at crucial times, and often used quicker and better judgment than his owner. Kim's first impression of him Heather mcquaid nude that he was "gross, but handy", and she was reluctant to touch him at all.

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Rufus and Ron shared an overwhelming fear of Ron's seven year-old cousin Shaun. Adventures in Rufus-Sitting.

Because people often reacted to his hairless body with either confusion or disgust, Rufus was fairly sensitive about comments on it. He was able to legibly Life is strange naked Ron's name [11]and it was implied that he could write much more than that.

Barkin by DNAmy, which resulted in naked mole-man. Commodore Puddles Shaun's Iguana. Commodore Puddles. He lives almost full-time in Ron's pocket, and accompanies him nearly everywhere.

Pain King vs. He is the pet and friend of Ron Stoppable, and the ally and friend of Kim Possible and in general is friendly with everyone he meets. Kim Possible Wiki Explore. He is generally portrayed as light and very agile, which proved useful time and again.

He had a very strong bond with Ron, Girls strip down naked shared most of his likes and dislikes, most notably a love of Bueno Nacho food [1] and a strong dislike of monkeys.

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Explore Wikis Community Central. However, when Drakken was turned good by the Attitudinatorhe and Rufus befriended each other for a time with Drakken even Marisa tomei nude fakes sorrow that he would lose Rufus as a friend when Kate becket naked turned evil again, a sentiment that Rufus agreed with.

Rufus happened to meet Ron's pet requirements exactly, as Ron needed a hairless animal that would not aggravate his father's allergies to animal fur. As a pup, Rufus was not the idea of most people's definition of a cute baby animal, with bulging eyes, the odd visible vein under his skin, and some tendency to drool.

Rufus was exposed Celebrities naked on snapchat Mystical Monkey Power at the same time as Ron [16]and displayed a degree of control over it, as well as an aptitude for ninja training, that Ron lacked for some time.

Attack of the Killer Bebes. Though Ron was offered a cage, he chose instead to keep Rufus Solange knowles naked his pocket [8]and named him after the imaginary friend he had in pre-K.

In particular, Rufus typically consumed massive amounts or multiple courses of food, often even faster than Ron, and would whine or complain if anyone attempted to prevent him from feasting.

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Many of Rufus's unexplained abilities may have resulted from various incidents Dating naked unsencored Team Possible's adventures. Shortly after Ron bought him, Rufus proved capable of opening an electronic gate by fiddling with its inner workings. Ron bought Rufus from the pet department at Smarty Mart the day before Team Possible's very first mission. Rufus is a naked mole-rat, the pet friend, and soul brother of Ron Stoppable.

Rufus displayed a surprisingly wide variety of skills. Rufus generally got along well with anyone that Ron did.

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According to the project's creator, the effects were supposed to be temporary, Naked ls nude during that period Wade admitted that Rufus was, at the time, more of a genius than he ever would be. However, Rufus has managed brief but ultimately successful "conversations" with Kim [10] and Monique [14]and Ron always seemed to understand him with Ayano aishi naked trouble.

During the occasions when Ron was unavailable for some reason, Rufus would usually turn to Kim first for comfort and companionship. As could be expected, Rufus shared several of Ron's less attractive qualities.

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Though Rufus did not typically wear clothes, he would occasionally appear in various outfits, especially for the purposes of either protecting himself against the weather, or making a bold fashion statement. You may be looking for or his movie continuity counterpart. Rufus Young naked swedish girls typically happy and fun-loving. He also communicated with Ron through a series of squeaks and hisses that Ron alone seemed to understand.

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Rufus is a fictional character in the American animated television series Kim Possible — and its live-action film adaptation.