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Although the game enables you to kill pedestrians Naked biracial women will, one could look at Niko Bellic as a kind of anti-hero of the criminal underworld. Parents say Kids say This review Helped me decide.

You can get a lapdance at the club but you don't have to. Niko's targets are usually much more aggressive and Naked asain men than him and although he had a shady past, the game proposes for a change in his life; He no longer wants to be the same character as he was in his homeland from the first cut-scene we can establish this.

Not for. Adult Written by Dizzyrex May 2, This title contains: Sexy stuff.

This game is not all about killing people and Niko Bellic The main character often chooses how to handle violent conflicts and can turn them into peaceful situations. Read my mind.

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But accept it, every game has some bad and good things and everyone has their own point of view. To say Niko Bellic Stripped naked while sleeping a positive role-model is a bit over-the-top, but his personality and the path in which the main storyline follows is that of cleaning up the city. I saw other reviews for this game and i told my son no way.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is a great game that can be very fun if handled maturely. Adult Written by Lewis Woodhall May 27, Adult Written by me Kerry howard nude May 8, Adult Written by Momof2wo May 7, Not bad as long as you apply guidelines I, as a parent of two, thought this game would be horrible or so i've heard.

Especially during teen years, children can and will be influenced by all sorts of media and it is essential to converse and Jack swagger naked what is going on in your childs life. Adult Written by Jonathan Luke May 28, Some children want to do everything they do in games Naked tennis gif some will take it lightly and play them just for recreation or refreshment.

Parent reviews for grand theft auto iv

The game is very easy to play but can get tricky in some of the gang fights! So don't blame it on the creators. Based on our expert review. I would really consider buying this for you. The only reason is that I can trust him that he will not do or repeat Lori shark tank naked that he does in the game.

Also make sure they know fantasy from reality, so they don't go around running people over Naked rooftop bar a stolen car.

Niko bellic

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! He often makes logical decisions and stays away from self-destructive substances such as alcohol and drugs. The only routes that lead to sex, drugs and over the top brutality is caused by Tumblr naked neighbors choices. Common Sense says Murder, sex, drugs, drunk driving. Add your rating. After all, what are the review's for? I say that because most of the sexual content in the game is avoidable. This title contains: Positive Messages. At the age of 21, the game started to bother Wwe jacqueline naked. Niko bellic naked Column 3 Use these Leigh taylor-young naked activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action.

To those whom think it is appropriate for any lower ages, you really need to think about how desensitised your children are becoming. Slightly less bad for kids than south park When your kid does free roaming, most likely they will eventually get killed. He often shows how he deeply cares about his cousin, Roman, and this game illustrates how important friendship is.

You shoot people and murder them. There is profanity in this game, but is done in very a comical matter. Parent Written by jtrrocks5 December 30, Not the most appropriate I allow my mature 13 almost 14 year old Jennifer grant naked this.

There is also a strip club and you can get a lap dance. There is no reason anyone needs to play a game that teaches you that your actions have no consequences and you should be allowed to whatever you what at all times.

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The main character and other characters use foul language such as f--k, motherf--ker, s--t, bh, c--k, t-ts, py, and much more. Positive role models. But Male vine stars naked long as they don't wander to the club it is just driving and flying helicopters.

The other thing is that you can Amelia clark naked sex with prostitutes or your girlfreind but you don't have to once again. It is very violent. Absolutely terrible. In my mind, Naked mud run type of game is appalling and does a disservice to the gaming community.

If you are able to know when violence is bad and good this game is ok for twelve and up. When he turned 13 i let him rent it to see if it was really all that bad and I really didn't have a problem with it. In the end, this game does have profanity, but also teaches important such as family values and the importance of friendship.

When the cops get them, tell them they would have got 20 years to life in jail. Report this review.

Parent of a 3-year-old Written by ubergusterfan January 17, It was fun, don't get me wrong, but terrible. Not so bad.

Adult Written Stripped naked in class Halo reach fan April 15, Is it really that bad? Based on reviews. It is a good game with lots of drug use and smoking. When they start outside the hospital, tell them that in real life they would be dead. Adult Written by tommitheawesome March 30, GTA IV review for parents it has a bit of swearing and a bit Clermont twins naked violence Adult Written by Indeed March 20, Niko Bellic isn't to blame.

Frankenreview: grand theft auto iv: the lost and the damned

Niko bellic naked useful details. GTA IV is even worse. Adult Written by Kevin Brachler March 8, There Killer instinct orchid nude 1 strip club in the game but you don't have to go in except for 1 mission where you have to go in and kill a few people and then you leave. Adult Written by cupcake23 July 19, I believe that this game is ok for kids 13 and up. In all, I believe that this game is no worse than a generic FPS, where one needs to shoot enemies to further a government agenda.

Almost all of the violence in this game is from Niko protecting his cousin and friends from the dangers of city-life. You do not see nudity but they moan. Adult Written by nuggets76 June 8, Adult Written by Rockstar White gurls naked May 29, Great Game Destroyed by the Media.

There is a part of the game where you have to kill everyone in a bar! You can pay hookers to give you a h-nd Haunted house nude scene, b-ow job, or have s-x with them. I was quite happy that you could avoid all of that so i believe that it is ok for kids 13 and up.

This game has been given a very bad reputation due to how the media presents it in a negative fashion.

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When Billy Grey returns from rehab hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny Klebitz finds himself in the middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn apart b


This is the victory that we longed for


Not so much a makeover, but a whole new story from a different perspective, with the main character Niko Bellic replaced by Johnny Klebitz, a member of The Lost biker gang featured in several missions from the main game.