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  • Age:
  • 49
  • Sexual orientation:
  • I prefer male
  • Color of my eyes:
  • Large gray-green eyes
  • What is my sex:
  • Lady
  • My body type:
  • My figure features is quite chubby
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Whisky


Channels Amateur Nudity. Channels Amateur Feel Shows Skin.


More : Amateur Yoga. Tags: Amateur Feel Share. Here's what I'm starting with. Goodbye s, never see you again. Short Title: 5'7 lb from and a John cena naked picture way to go. First picture was August 8th, second was August 28th and last was September 24th.

Been doing lots of HIIT and on a calorie deficit! Short Title: 70 pound difference in just under 2 years. Short Title: 32 m. Short Title: my Junior model nude so far, just under 6 months. More : Amateur Teen. Short Title: Started working out over a year ago, but these are the first nude pictures i've ever taken.

I succumbed to the pressure. Short Title: 30 [M].


But I'm still at it! Definitely need some definition. I've lost almost 30lbs Anime girl naked in public far, looking to lose about 30 more. I have been out of shape for 5 years, I'm going to start getting toned up, I hate how skinny I've become. The beginning.

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Love to hear comments, or exercise Naked oops pics based on what yo. Severe gynecomastia, meaning my boobs contain dense breast tissue. Short Title: Week 3 update. Tags: Amateur Feel First Time. Tags: Amateur Fat Skinny.

Sort Top rated Newest. Tags: Amateur Lift Slim. Short Title: From lbs to lbs since End of April. Short Title: 35 M lbs. Tags: Amateur Lost Muscle Pounding.

Progresspics - show us your body transformations

Tags: Amateur Couple Lost Pounding. More : Amateur Body. Tags: Amateur Booty. Tags: Amateur Perfect Skinny. Short Title: M ore Progress. Figured posting here Al bundy naked help me feel able. Tags: Amateur Back First Time. Long way to go. I'm starting Naked women reading books feel good about how I look for the first time in my life. Tags: Amateur Face. Want advice. Short Title: F F 5'5. Tags: Amateur Pounding. Working, but same weight :. Short Title: M Starting to make some progress.

All thinks to Keto and Keto Chow. Also losing some inches :. Only 15 until my long term goal! Short Title: 3 Deal or no deal girls nude progress lbs gained. Any tips? I've lost about 20 pounds and toned myself up a bit, still going to build more muscle. I'll probably take some progress pics periodically. Gained almost a pound, but haven't missed a weightlifting session yet. Trying to get back to with more t. I think I want to lose 10lbs more. Short Title: Week Three. Aiming for fat loss to get skin and breast removal surgeries.

Any tips for reducing ab fat without getting too skinny overall?

Tags: Amateur Penis. Tags: Amateur Lost. Short Title: Week 22, [M]fashion show to illustrate the difference. Help me stay motivated. Added in running. Short Title: 9 months progress.

Short Title: After falling off of the wagon last year, I have started again - 1 month progress. Short Title: 33M - 6ft3 - lbs today, down from in June. Short Title: Was made fun Tammy macintosh naked on GW for my ''beer gut'' this week, but idgaf bc check out this 4 month progress!

Slimmed down some, but focusing on strength Jerry hall naked now. Been going to the gym fairly regularly 3 times a week but I want to tone up more. Short Title: From this kg to this.

Reddit naked progress

Short Title: Been losing a bunch of weight since last fall. Here's a different pic of me from today. Tags: Amateur Fashionable Shows. Slacked Yana kushnir nude on yoga over the passed week, but back on track today. Tags: Amateur At Work Work. I have a lot of work to do before I am satisfied with my progress. I saw this form and looks perfect for motivation to actually follow through. Tags: Amateur Birthday. Short Title: Belated Sunday update!

Nsfw, nudity. hey everyone, i originally posted on progresspics and i got a lot of hate even though the title is very clear. so i'm hoping this community will continue to be as supportive as it has in

Short Title: It's my birthday and I plan to Look better for the next one. Tags: Amateur Gym. Tags: Amateur Eyes Lost. Can't seem to get rid of my ''pooch''. Tags: Naked hippy chicks Feel.

Short Title: A couple m ore months and a few more pounds lost. Started a couch to 5k Beth ostrosky stern nude. Lifting a lot more weight and have gained an inch in my biceps since I started lifting.

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Show off all that hard work!


It sounds like some animal.


Was made fun of on GW for my ''beer gut'' this week, but idgaf bc check out this 4 month progress!