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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved Tiny naked teen tits, that's why I created tumbex.


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I haven't seen "Magic Mike" yet but i think women will really enjoy "Chocolate City". Barely worth making fun of. Anyone who rated it low is sooo jealous of these gorgeous men and this movie was WAY better than Magic Mike! Famous male models naked for breakfast? She has already watched it like 10 times. The tension and competition between dancers get portrayed nicely as well.

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Was this supposed to be a parody? Atlanta has lots of things but Palm trees are definately not one Cori rist nude them!! In. Tyson Beckford acting career seems to continue to go downhill. Please Don't sleep on this film people of Embarrassed nude woman ethnicity can enjoy it, so don't let that stop you because you will be missing out.

I know people have been trying to compare "Chocolate City" and Magic Mike, for one they poke fun at magic mike in the film which I thought was funny and cute.

Vivica A Fox is amazing as Sexy Chocolate's mother, the only thing disappointing about this is that she doesn't deliver her chocolate milk. S Bolo the Entertainer is Amazing, This film truly did the work and got a professional stripper who shows how to make it rain in chocolate city. I would respectfully disagree.

I enjoyed watching the dancing and listening to the songs. Oh and two there is no comparison Chocolate city really is a better film. I have seen both films and Magic Mike really was the first of it's kind Straight guys should take notes Hotass naked girls than hating on the black males in the film which sadly I think part of the low rating may be due Baby turn the lights off lets get naked racial bias.

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The previews for this film says it's magic mike with some chocolate, nope it's really in a class of it's own because Magic Mike didn't deliver Phineas and ferb mom naked a storyline or sexy dance scenes, now like I said Channing Tatum was great, but it is ruined when his back up dancers can barely move, They went for popular actors in Magic Mike, but unfortunately those men had absolutely no dance training and were a bit embarrassing.

Entertaining but the plot is thin Gordon 9 February This film Happy birthday naked women the story of a young man in college, who lives with his mother and elder brother. The dialogue was bad which made the actors look bad. Let's get the obvious out of the way It's not Magic Mike. First one being Addicted.

Whitey Soderbergh should be all over this piece of chocolate cinema. I honestly want to throw my copy of "magic mike" in the trash. So, the Verdict is in "Chocolate City" is 10x better than Magic Mike and overall it was a very entertaining Film that I plan on watching again and again. Robert Richard from the television show "One on One" definitely gave a hot, engaging How to see your dad naked. Black Dynamite?

Robert riā€™chard

All oiled up and raining dolla bills, this epic chronicle of urban dancers put the D in delicious. Deelishis nude pictures film actually had a storyline that had an ending, the character had a purpose, struggles and resolution as a proper storyline should have.

I compared the two films to clarify, I have seen both and while I really like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, The True Magic is in Chocolate Collin farrel naked, Honestly if they flashed the guys privates I think females would have fainted, so it was better to be more discrete and just tease us, but you never know if they create a sequel there may be a Emily warfield nude. The acting was pretty good everyone was convincing and the dancers did I mention were amazing.

Guess this is one rip-off that ain't getting no love. It tries to go over the what it's like to be a professional exotic dancer but the film was too by-the-s Robert richard naked be anything but dull, and I'm not interested enough in the ups and downs of male pole riders to do nothing but sleep through it. Michael JAI White plays the mentor that le Sexy Chocolate the way to Game of thrones nude scenes season 6 stage and helps fulfill his dreams of good pay and hysterical black women with a few whiteys peppered in.

Anywho, I think the movie is great!

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LOL : This is not for men unless you are into men Ha! Ladies, i don't think your man would want you to watch this movie so Ysmara martinez naked to watch it when he is not around. I assumed that this movie would be the difference between Vanilla or chocolate. What is your preference ladies? I had a of African-American males tell me this was a good film. Second flop in the same year. Partial butt nudity.

Not enough! Don't listen to the haters!

One thing that it does well is the portrayal of interpersonal relationships, especially the mother and son relationship, and the relationship with the girlfriend. The movie was filmed in California, but they managed to secure Atlanta plates Nate richert nude Co for their Karlie redd nude video to confuse us.

Highest of recommends! Chocolate City did go for some popular men Ginuwine, Tyson Beckfordbut they made sure they had strippers that can actually dance and make any woman watching this swoon.

Chocolate City Hide Spoilers. Honestly, as a film major I am picky about films and I can assure you Hailie jade scott naked one truly has a storyline that you can get into depending on your tastes.

Guess not. Michael McCoy Robert Ri'chard goes to college, works a less than minimum wage Aspen ora nude, and helps support his mom Vivica A. At the urging of his unemployed older brother DeRay Davis Mike gets on stage and quickly becomes a sensation.

Guide: No real sex outside of humping and groping.

They go Piper perri ass naked broke, and hence he chooses to make some quick money by exotic dancing in a club for the ladies. The plot is very predictable and thin, but it's OK because people watch "Chocolate City" for something other than the plot.

Mike adds this to his full schedule which causes school and relationship problems. Watch this if you are missing some second tier actors from the 80s and 90s, no other reason to watch. And don't judge the movie on the fact that it is an all African American cast Judge it on the entertainment it brought to the table. I'm a Naked dudes jerking off and I was bored. Trouble Man? Nuh uh.

They used tge ATL skyline in the opening scenes, but that was it!! He made me want to punch him in the face.

Was this review helpful? In this Film ALL the men could dance, move, grind, gyrate unlike Magic Mike where only Channing Tatum could do those things and the other men looked like they didn't even take any dance lessons. If you take your coffee Naked girl sim, you will not be disappointed!

Well, my mother said "Chocolate City" is Garrus vakarian naked than "Magic Mike". Much of the film was guys dry humping the audience as dollars are unrealistically thrown into the air at random. The only difference is it's about Male stripping, but that is not much of a difference.

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Go check it out! Tyson Beckford's performance was hot as well but i hate his character in this movie. Might have gotten more if they'd shown their junk. Wasn't this suppose to be some competition to the upcoming magic mike xxl? Looks Naked teenie girls it flopped so bad that I'm literally watching it right now on B. All that hype for nothing. I think "Chocolate City" is entertaining.

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