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Sometimes that speaks for itself, like Black dick nude the shower scene between Dinah and Billy. GIF: Netflix. All the while, of course, Billy is running game on Dinah, making an honest confession of his troubled past as a way to better preserve his cover.


Easily the most violent and sexual show in the Marvel Universe, this one is full of adult content.

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Adult Written by HelloThere August 1, Very good, but also very gory. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work!

If your children get Sigourney weaver nude scene fast, this show might not be the best for them. My mature 8 year old watched it, though it may not be for other kids his age.

Violence is blown way out of proportion by critics and over protective prissy mothers.

Parents say 18 Kids say Adult Written by GraduateReviews May 17, Masterful filmmaking as it is-- The Punisher brings the pain I'll say it like it is. Read my mind 1. I watched this Mili avital naked my 12 and 16 yo boys and they loved it. Vigilantism is a frequent theme involving the brutal murder of corrupt military officers, low level criminals. But good luck finding a role model. Overall great Naughty nati nude. Parent of a year-old Written by Mark V.

November 18, Very violent Commensensemedia has over rated the sex. Add your rating.

Parents say

The sex is overrated, there really isn't much and it doesn't really show sex scenes so much so as sexual behavior. If your kid does not understand the concept of morality, then it probably isn't for them.

Vivid sex scenes and brutal graphic violence increase as the show progresses. This is one of if not the most violent shows ever created. With a title like "The Punisher," what did you come to expect? Lots of blood, sometimes a amount that will make some viewers uncomfortable. If your kids can deal with violent scenes and Dweezil zappa naked marvel i understand why they would want to Zena grey nude this.

This show is amazing. The show begins with a loud, bloody, bang, as we see a montage of Frank Castle, a.

Adult Written by scottiek December 2, Great show This is a great show. Then it slows down.

This show is hard Naked girl walpaper swallow for even less conservative adults, no child should be subjected to it, no matter how mature. It also contains some really strong while controversial messages about the importance of family and provides some much needed social commentary about PTSD and war-torn veterans.

This is very violent, often gory. The characters were dark and enigmatic.

Imo: in season 1 of the netflix original all the sex scenes went on way, way goddamn too long.

Short only to intense horror films. Suitable for teens The show was, in my opinion underrated and under promoted. However i loved the first half of the season and think that the only thing keeping 11 and under kids from watching this show is violence and language. The Punisher, killing like a dozen people. Some may say that it isn't too bad, or that their kids can handle it, but this is easily one of the most graphic shows there is. This title contains: Positive Messages. I will admit, it is very violent, but I believe that children should try the first episode and see how they do.

I enjoyed it more than some of the other MCU shows but would never watch with anyone less that Daredevil, a close relative is also adult centric, and would be Pam dauber nude much more Lady gaga naked music video choice for child viewing.

Adult Written by Rthom84 August 23, Great show. Adult The punisher nude scenes by Payton C. December 6, An adult show that should be reserved for adults only. The settings were awesome. Adult Written by Danial H. Acceptable I am a father and I Leslie jones nude anal that my 12 year old and my 14 year old are mature enough for this. Based on our expert review. Based on 18 reviews. But they like daredevil, this would be perfect for them.

This review Helped me decide 1. It has no sexual encounter just some innapropiate language.

Kelly klaymour naked, with all that critical CSM guidance stuff aside, it goes without saying that The Punisher is a landmark for not only Marvel Studios as it diversifies their content, amidst all the gory shenanigansbut for thriller shows as a whole. Parent reviews for The Punisher. If you have 11 and under, it might scare them.

Touch my body challenge naked multiple torture scenes along with the central theme of the first season being a :SPOILER: torture and murder of a afghani police officer who found heroin smuggling in the US military.

This title contains: Sexy stuff. Way, way, down. Report this review. Adult Written by Blep January 20, Positive role models. Corona Column 3 Use these free Ots carry naked to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Partial nudity of men and women is shown. The main character is practically a serial killer with a moral compass.

Based on 27 reviews. Helped me decide.

Graphic wartime violence, urban shootouts with civilian casualtiesstabbings, fiery explosions, public bombings, beatings, and the most intense and bloody torture sequence EVER filmed only begin to describe what it encompasses.

The show takes this time in between action sequences to develop characters and build relationships between Frank and the rest of the supporting cast. Had useful details. It is very violent and has quite Gta v trevor naked bit of profanity.

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Had useful details 1. Common Zone-tan naked says Intense, brutal violence and language in dark drama. Parent Written by Peter b January 1, It references sex multiple times.

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Looking back on the season, The Punisher is most successful when it subverts expectations and least successful when it leans into them.