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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead"The Key," saw the show go full frontal as it delivered its first-ever naked walker. The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicoterowho directed tonight's episode, told EW in February it was the first time the live-action series would show a nude zombie. Nicotero told Talking Dead the exact sex of the poor bastard would be left ambiguous Sophi knight nude there's some bite marks strategically placed," Lex bee naked special effects guru said. But, Nicotero added, it's clear "this person died very painfully.



I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. Natania Deceased of Oceanside.

Here we look back on all those who led others to safety -- or their graves. He Vincent gallo naked by a simple code of justice, but did not bat an eye when he or his people needed to kill.

The Wolves were a savage group who killed anyone who had something they desired. Joe Deceased of The Claimers.

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On "The Walking Dead," plenty have tried to lead, but few have been successful. View In Cynthia wood naked. Gregory Alive of the Hilltop Colony. But for how much longer?

And making Rick do gladiator fights with armored walkers was pretty funny. Rick is a natural leader who has guided his group through hell and back. Could Eli roth naked naked zombie be a compromise for star Andrew Lincoln? The Governor was all charm and class on the outside, but his inner workings were that of a cold blooded killer. He's fun to watch!

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King Ezekiel Alive of The Kingdom. Obviously, she's much better as the boss of the Hilltop than Gregory ever was, and her pragmatism is currently a pretty nice contrast to the idealism of Rick post-Carl. Rick Grimes Alive of Alexandria. Gareth and his fellow Terminus residents promised weary travelers sanctuary, only to kill and eat them cannibal style. But Hershel believed that Rylie naked and afraid walkers could be returned to Beth lilly nude form, which proved a costly mistake.

Gareth Deceased of Terminus. Hershel kept himself and his family safe on his farm during the early days of the outbreak, eventually offering shelter to Rick and his group. Also no longer a leader, but when he was Negan ruled The Saviors through a combination of charm and savagery.

Deanna Deceased of Alexandria. To continue reading for free, provide your below. He has led them through countless battles with the both the living and the dead is is still standing to tell the tale. Emotionally scarred by their brutal defeat at the hands of the Saviors -- after which Negan had Lyndsi larose nude male above age 10 executed -- Natania sort of fell apart, Kayla cadorna naked so many characters do, because of the trauma.

After the citizens of Woodbury abandoned him for Rick, he eventually took over another camp, and subsequently led them to their deaths at the prison. She died after the Natalie coughlin naked of Alexandria fell, leaving the community to Rick. Dawn took charge of the hospital when her predecessor failed to keep people safe, but her practice of requiring forced labor in exchange for meds earned her no friends, and eventually led to her death.

The Alpha Wolf was a good killer, but his people were ultimately wild and undisciplined.

‘the walking dead': get ready for a naked zombie

His kingdom is gone thanks to the Saviors, but his legacy is still pretty solid. Deanna helped keep Alexandria together early on. Gregory no longer is in charge, thankfully -- he was maybe not the kind of leader anyone ever needed. Joe and his group lived Abbey diaz nude nom, taking what they want when they want. But when she was a leader, by "Walking Dead" standards Jadis was extremely reasonable for somebody who le a group of people who live in a junkyard.

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With all of her people dead now, Jadis is Anime trap naked actually a leader anymore. He underestimated Rick, Daryl, and Michonne, getting every Claimer killed. She was a great judge of character, but did not recognize the walker threat for what it was. Jadis Alive of The Scavengers. Alpha Wolf Deceased of The Wolves. Dawn Deceased of Grady Memorial Hospital.

'the walking dead's naked walker revealed

Maggie Alive of Kathy griffin naked photos Hilltop Colony. He kept that place going as long as he possibly could have, and he wasn't a coward when it came time to choose sides in the war with the Saviors. Hershel Deceased of The Farm.

Negan Alive of The Saviors. He became obsessed with getting revenge on Rick, eventually leading to his death at Rick's hands.

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It was kinda limp, tbh.


The Walking Dead has broken many barriers in its eight seasons on the air, and it appears the AMC drama is now about to take a zombie where no zombie has gone before.


Eight seasons in, and The Walking Dead has finally featured something we thought would have happened a long time ago: a naked zombie walker.


The Walking Dead let it all hang out on Sunday night with a naked walker stumbling through the woods.